Photodynamic therapy


Photodynamics is the targeted activation of active substances by light of a specific wavelength. In the context of the cancer treatment and therapy of chronic inflammations, light-sensitive active substances are administered as an infusion in a first step. Depending on the active substance, this accumulates in a highly specific manner in the cancer tissue. The tumor tissue is then irradiated with laser light in order to activate the active substance. This then decays and exerts a considerable detrimental effect on the cancer cells.

The PDT is in many cases a gentle alternative to an operational approach. While PDT is traditionally used only in superficial skin tumors, it can also be used excellently in tumors of the mammary gland, intestine, prostate, bladder, uterus, ovaries and metastases. Likewise, PDT acts in chronic prostatitis. In this case, substances are used which accumulate in chronically inflamed tissue.